Orléans Bach Festival


After five years of artistic direction and a beautiful European musical panorama, I chose to refocus the festival of early music around the Master of the 18th century: Johann Sebastian Bach. It will now be the vector of our festival, which this year will join the European Early Music Network (REMA) for greater influence.

Cantatas, sonatas, concertos and organ pieces will evoke the work of this genius composer, performed by brilliant musicians. The whole Pugnani and Jean-Michel Fumas, Orleans countertenor who travels the world to express with his angelic voice, his passion for this repertoire. On the beautiful organs of Saint-Marceau, we will welcome Bernard Foccroulle, organist internationally recognized for his interpretation of the work of Bach. Then Marc and Pierre Hantai, in the talent and the complicity will dazzle us in the dialogue so rich of sonatas for flute and harpsichord. And finally, the joy of bringing together three first prizes of the prestigious Bruges Competition, as Jean-Sébastien gathered his sons, to play the concerti with 2 and 3 harpsichords, the pinnacle of virtuosity and the final bouquet of this 1st edition of the Orléans Bach festival.

Patrick Cohën-Akenine

directeur artistique de l’Orléans Bach Festiva

We Asked some Researchers Why Cannabis and Music Go So Well Together?

Walking through Electric Daisy Carnival, Coachella, or even the Orleans Bach Festival you will be sure to catch a hint of marijuana in the air. Some go as far as to call it the “greatest combination “since peanut butter and Marshmallows”


In light of the stoner message boards on Reddit written with pseudo-science trying to answer that question, it is more complex then one might think. Cannabis has been studied for decades in North America, but the drug is still illegal in most places. Just like many psychedelic drugs, it suffers from a social stigma that prevents researchers from requesting federal funds for its study.

This is an example of a girly bong that a someone might listen to when trying to listen to music and smoke with the girls.

Notwithstanding, there’s been a developing assemblage of work, drawn from various orders including brain research, neuroscience, and musicology, that takes a gander at how our minds respond to music while on drugs. Simply a year ago, in 2015, an investigation was distributed on how LSD influenced an audience’s enthusiastic response to music.

While there is a lot of recounted proof out there about the connection among music and weed, genuine examination is shockingly elusive. In any case, we got together a few scholastics from various fields to discover more.

The Experts:

Dr. Sophie Scott: A British neuroscientist who instructs at University College of London in London, UK.

Dr. Zach Walsh: A teacher of brain science at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC.

Dr. Jörg Fachner: An educator of music, wellbeing, and the mind at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, UK.

Bang: Why do music and pot appear to go together so well?

Dr. Zach Walsh: It appears as though individuals love tuning in to music when they smoke cannabis. Cannabis clients will regularly remember expanded energy about craftsmanship for general and music explicitly. There’s simply this profound relationship.

Dr. Sophie Scott: I here and there wonder if the relationship with pot is certainly not a fortuitous situation in two things that may be enacting comparative cerebrum zones, yet in addition have been so socially united. There might be more social uniting than neural.

What’s really occurring in the minds of stoned individuals tuning in to music?

Dr. Jörg Fachner: [Marijuana] works like a psycho-acoustic enhancer. That implies you are increasingly ready to retain, to concentrate on something, and to have somewhat of a more extensive range. It doesn’t change the music; it doesn’t change the ear working. Clearly it changes the manner in which we see ear space in music.

It likewise changes time recognition, and in the event that you tune in to music, it is a period procedure, so on the off chance that you make some various memories view obviously you will listen diversely to music.

Walsh: [Marijuana] places you in a casual lovely state, and there you can be responsive to music, or to be maybe at the time. Cannabis improves a wide range of things that are identified with being available at the time, rather than long haul arranging and stressing and requesting and sorting out.

What parts of the cerebrum would you say you are taking a gander at?

Fachner: In the examination that I’ve finished with the EEG [electroencephalogram, a machine that estimates electrical mind activity], there are changes in the occipital zone, which is handling visual; the transient region, which is preparing the sound-related; and afterward in the parietal. These three associations is by all accounts of advantage for the audience.

Walsh: When you consider hallucinogenics, their impacts are generally on the serotonergic framework, while cannabis’ belongings are extremely diffuse. Cannabis can encourage the action of a lot of different things—like gamma [waves], which is the place you get the unwinding; all the frameworks that encourage dopamine, which is the reason individuals like it to such an extent. Yet, when we consider the fundamental impact, an enormous grouping of cannabinoid receptors are in a zone called the hippocampus, which is associated with the arrangement of recollections.

For what reason is there so little examination on this part of cannabis?

Scott: Essentially [marijuana and music] are taken a gander at by two entirely unexpected gatherings of individuals. The individuals keen on how medications influence the cerebrum are not inspired by music and the other way around. Regardless of whether you see comparable systems [in the brain] getting enacted, I don’t believe there’s anyone estimating about that relationship so firmly.

Walsh: We’re taking a gander at significant signs, similar to clinical use, that will have general wellbeing suggestions and alleve languishing. Due to the obstructions that there have been to considering cannabis, it was hard enough to have the option to do contemplates that could truly support the wellbeing and prosperity of veterans.